Hey, everybody. I’m Laurie Ruettimann. It’s hard to cut through the noise when you are an author with books to sell. One way to move merch is by doing a book tour and speaking at store events. Unfortunately, during COVID, 100% of my book tour has been virtual. Thankfully, I have great partners like Minda Harts who join me in conversation to make things livelier.

So, please join me and Minda in collaboration with Book Passage on March 9th at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT to talk about women in the workplace, overcoming workplace trauma, and betting on yourself. If you don’t know Minda Harts, she’s the author of two great books that offer career advice for women. She has a new book coming out called, “You Are More Than Magic: The Black and Brown Girls’ Guide to Finding Your Voice.” You can pre-order it today.

Minda is terrific. Go follow her on Instagram.


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I’m a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who left human resources to become a full-time recluse and a mom to many cats. Some say I’m aspirational, confident, and successful. However, I’m primarily unapologetic about my pursuit of living a great life in a world run by terrible leaders who don’t have people’s interests at heart. I wrote a book called “Betting On You.” And, just a few minutes ago, I accidentally took a selfie while making coffee.

Watch two badass women help you take over the world! (Or just live a cozy life.)