Hey, guys. I’ve had to pivot my race schedule due to my lack of fitness and the heat. I’m now running the City of Oaks marathon for the second time (instead of the Chicago Marathon).

What does this mean?

  1. I get four extra weeks of training.
  2. I can do my longest training run in October after my epic 60 days of travel.
  3. The weather will be much cooler on race day.
  4. I can roll out of bed and run this marathon.

This decision feels right to me. It’s the first decision I’ve made in ages that feels easy. I will run City of Oaks and defer Chicago’s entry until 2017. And I’ve already signed up to visit Mary Ellen Slayter and run the Louisana half-marathon with her in January 2017. Next year is already busy.

So I’m feeling good about the race calendar. And the good news is that I’ll be injury-free and stronger for being able to flex and change my plans!

I’m ready for the fall. Whoo hoo!