This is my final Marathon Monday post. Next week? I’ll be done with this race.

I ran a short-long run on Saturday. I was scheduled to do six miles, but the first 5K was a charity race. The second 5K was a quiet run through the woods.

A friend of mine sent this note on Saturday afternoon:

My wife is training for a marathon. Your Monday posts are quite pertinent. You know what is fun about your spouse training for a marathon? Nothing.

I read this out loud to my husband, who yelled NO SHIT and AMEN from across the room.

It’s true. Training for a marathon is a very selfish endeavor. My sleep schedule dominates the house. My nutrition needs dictate the grocery list. And while my body is used to running increasingly higher miles, my tired brain wonders why the hell I’m doing this to my exhausted body. I cry a lot. That’s pretty fun, right?

Let’s hear it for friends, parents, family members and spouses who support amateur athletes. While we are pushing our bodies to extremes, they are trying not to push us out of windows.

We couldn’t do it without them.