I just wrapped up my marathon training with Fleet Feet Carborro.

It’s early, and there are a few more weeks before my marathon, but my jacked up travel schedule is forcing me to be smart with my time. I will complete my mid-week runs on the road. My long-distance runs are winding down, thank goodness, so it’s easy to do those with friends and family members.

If you are interested in running, local running stores have excellent beginner programs. I just showed up, one day, and asked a lot of questions about running a 5k. I learned about a weekly program with other slow people. I ran with one store’s run crew, didn’t care for it, and then found another. I wound up with a great group of women in Carborro.

(That’s how this works. Trial and error.)

The one thing I know about running? I could never do this on my own. I’m not into team-building or group activities. I’m not built to wake up early, eat right and put on running shoes like I have somewhere to go.

(I have nowhere to go. These comfortable running clothes are a lie. I’m just going to Target.)

The secret is that very few people are naturally inclined to wake up early, eat right and exercise. Running groups are a great resource for normal people who don’t have time to think about improving their VO2 max, but might want to learn how to run without dying.

(The trick is breathing and going faster than a walk.)

If you are interested in learning how to run — even if it’s just a small distance — a local running group is a great way to start. Do it! Then let me know how it works out.