I’ve run the numbers here at LFR HQ. It looks like I can take off the month of November (again) to travel and do fun stuff for my personal development. Last year, I ran a marathon. Then I went to Australia and Rome.

This year? I picked my fall marathon. It will be in Grand Cayman on December 6th. I will run the City of Oaks half-marathon as a training run, and I’m totally psyched about my racing goals. The Cayman course is flat and looks gorgeous. I should be in good shape.

But then I booked a trip to Cuba that will happen right before the marathon. If I want to train properly, I must complete two very long runs while I am on the road.

I keep running a new set of numbers. This whole thing feels insane. How will I find the time to run while I’m in Havana? What will I eat? How will I pack? What about my nutrition and rest?

Except, you know, fuck it. I’ll figure it out.

What kind of idiot says no to this life?

I’m saying yes.