It’s the time of year where HR companies push content marketing that takes one of two forms:

1. 2016 Year in Review
2. 2017 HR and Recruiting Predictions

For years, I wrote these articles for my clients. Now that I’m focused on other things in my life, this work falls to other marketing professionals. And, while I don’t blame anybody for writing about topics that get read, most year-end HR content is a copy+paste from previous years.

I wish someone would write an honest wrap-up that begins, “It’s impossible for an entire year to suck, but 2016 was fairly shitty for HR and recruiting professionals.”

I’d read that. It’s honest and correct.

For those marketing profesionals who write predictions for 2017, I beg you to give me paragraphs instead of lists. Also, don’t give me quotes from people I don’t know who have opinions that don’t move markets. Thought leadership is dead. (That’s both a 2016 wrap-up item and a 2017 prediction. You can quote me.)

Want a better idea? Do a Billy On The Street and ask real HR and recruiting professionals to predict the future.

Then do what media companies do: break the video into hilarious chunks and images. Post it on your digital channels.

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I know I’m out of the game, but I can’t help wanting more from the marketing pros who publish content for HR and recruiting teams. This industry needs you to entertain, push boundaries, and teach its members something new. And, you heard it here first, boring year-end-wrap-ups and future-forward listicles won’t do.