mary k williams sphr shrm

I’m back with the “Connect & Grow” series, this time introducing a truly inspiring figure, Mary Williams, who has quietly revolutionized the HR landscape with her dedication, expertise, and remarkable approach to empowering others.

Mary holds strategic experience as an HR and Operations Executive and has made significant strides in the HR community through her active volunteering. She is an HRA Oak Brook chapter member involved in their mentoring program. By guiding an emerging HR professional, she is helping to mold the future of HR leadership.

Mary is a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, as evident in her rewarding role as a mentor. She generously uses resources (like insightful articles!) to assist her mentee in areas like LinkedIn Profile audits. She relishes these experiences, finding immense satisfaction in nurturing the growth of new professionals in her field.

Her impressive writing skills have led to her being invited once again as a blogger for the Wisconsin State Council’s WISHRM conference, set to take place this October. Mary has a knack for sharing her expertise and insights in a way that inspires, educates, and motivates, making her contributions to the conference a highly anticipated event.

Aside from her individual volunteering and blogging endeavors, Mary actively participates in HR Unite, an initiative dedicated to advancing the HR profession through the power of connections. She engages in monthly meet-ups called “Coffee Talkies” to build relationships and foster dialogue within the HR community.

Beyond her involvement in the HR community, Mary’s professional journey speaks volumes about her expertise. Currently, as the Head of People at Pinnacle Advertising, Mary exemplifies her adaptability as an HR leader.  She has proved herself as an HR Department of One (HRDOO) expert, specializing in Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Training new managers, Employee Relations, Performance Management, Continuous Improvement, and Process Improvement.

A particular strength of Mary’s is her ability to navigate uncertainty and ambiguity. She champions people and continuous improvement in all her roles, exemplifying her innate capability of leading robust and collaborative teams. Her commitment to HR, strategic insights, and exceptional people skills make her an invaluable connection for all HR professionals.

Whether you’re a seasoned HR leader seeking fresh perspectives or an emerging professional seeking guidance, I encourage you to connect with Mary Williams. Her insights and experiences can offer the inspiration, knowledge, and motivation you need to excel in the dynamic world of HR.

Remember, our professional growth often stems from the relationships we build, our connections, and the people we choose to learn from. Choose Mary! Let her guide your journey, helping you grow as an HR professional and leader. I did, and it has made all the difference.