Matt Charney is the king of HR blogging.

There’s a belief out there that if you can’t say anything positive and constructive about HR, you should keep your mouth shut. There’s no place for cynicism and snark in the word of HR.

Those people are wrong.

Can you imagine if someone told Edward R. Murrow to pipe down about McCarthyism? McCarthyism was so intolerable and backward that it could not stand. That’s how I feel about Matt Charney when he writes about the modern HR and recruiting departments across the globe. He is fighting the insanity of modern HR departments.

(And his long-form content is killer. It’s direct, honest and necessary.)

Nobody knows the intersection of tech and practitioners more than Matt Charney. Not because he’s a recruiting jockey who dials the phones, but because he’s studied this field for years. When HR is good, and it’s sometimes good, Matt has a tremendous amount of love and respect for the teams that are doing it right.

The one thing about Matt is that he’s almost always right about the issues of the day. Like, seriously, Matt Charney is dead right about what is happening in the trenches of recruiting and HR. You wish your success rate were that high.

While I’m on hiatus, get to know Matt’s work. And remember who told you first: Matt Charney is the undisputed heavyweight champion of HR blogging. There is no debate.