The election in America reminds me that interpersonal communication, which is an exchange of information between two or more people, is super complicated.

Very few people seek to understand before they speak. We don’t ask enough questions, and we rush to declare our opinions before we even fully realize if the people around us want to hear our opinions. And then we have a ton of expectations for people that we can’t live up to ourselves.

It’s amazing we get anything done in this world. And, yet, progress happens. History is measured in centuries, not seconds, and I honestly believe that this is the greatest time to be alive.

Please join me on Monday at 1 PM ET for a very special #failchat where we talk about interpersonal communication. What are the rules for effective communication? How can we need to structure our personal and professional relationships to achieve better outcomes? How can we say the things we mean without being so mean when we say them?

I hope you’ll join me to figure out why we fail at interpersonal communications. Should be an incredible discussion with professionals from all industries who are sick and tired of making the same communication and relational mistakes.

See you then!

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