I don’t hang out with many HR people, these days. When I tell them about the time and money spent on training and developing the modern workforce, they don’t believe me.

Billions of dollars are spent on software, learning management systems and modules to help people all over the world get the job done. And there are thousands of non-traditional HR jobs out there for people who are interested in this segment of the economy.

Beyond the compliance-driven world of sexual harassment and facilities management — and even beyond leadership training — HR leaders have to think about myriad topics.

* Safety. Safety. Safety. Onsite and with clients.
* Time efficiency and cost-effectiveness training.
* Office and project management software training.
* Industry education and staff training for corporate employees in cost centers.
* Finance and budget training.
* Total workforce training so that policies and processes that apply to your employees are communicated to your contingent workforce.
* Keeping your workforce up-to-date as it relates to your own company’s products and services.
* If you work with the United States government, aligning with federal guidelines on behavior, finance, privacy, training, data management, personnel development, and transparency.

Man, I’m so bored. This list is just getting started.

Anyway, “corporate training” is a huge industry and HR leaders are switched on and ready to hear marketing and sales pitches. They need help. Although the landscapes change, much of the information we need to educate our workforce already exists. There are clever HR software companies that are on the ball. The old LMS engines are being replaced by fast, quick databases and online courses that deliver customized and suitable content for PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. They track the entire learning lifecycle — from delivery to completion — to ensure compliance.

Ever wonder how you can apply that undergraduate degree in humanities, liberal arts of education to a new industry? Sick of working in a boring HR role and want something a little more fun? Well, google the heck out of LMS and HR software and find the companies who offer these products and services. Look at their career pages. And if you’re passionate about corporate education and organizational effectiveness, maybe you’ll find a new opportunity out there.