parkinson's disease

My friend Mollie Lombardi has Parkinson’s Disease.

She’s not merely living with the disease. She’s promoting awareness, raising money, and kicking ass in her career.

Mollie organized a challenge: Get up, get moving, and track your steps. You can find more information on the HR Gives Back site. Sponsors will donate money to the Michael J. Fox Foundation in honor of your steps, and there are all kinds of prizes. You don’t need to donate cash. Just track your activity and play along.

I’m all in for this challenge, but I had a weird thing to confess: I don’t know a thing about Parkinson’s. It’s a neurological disorder, sure. But what does that even mean, bro?

Mollie gave me the scoop in this video that took us 125 times to record. She also told me why it’s hard to cure Parkinson’s. Turns out, it’s got something to do with recruiting!

I’m pleased to raise money and awareness to fight Parkinson’s disease. Head to the HR Gives Back website and enroll for the challenge, follow along on your favorite social channels, and follow Mollie to watch her journey unfold.