Chances are you’ve spent the past few months cooped up with your family, buried under a relentless news cycle, and inundated with work that never seems to switch off. Are you overworked, exhausted, but also trying your best? It’s time for a fix, so I’m asking you to pre-order Betting On You today.

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Why Should I Bet On Myself?

Over a decade ago, I felt uninspired and blamed others until an epiphany emerged during a layover at an airport. A fulfilling existence wouldn’t fall into my lap. I had to be my own leader and take hold of life—the good, the bad, and the downright ugly—to transform my future.

Today, as businesses prioritize their bottom line and workers like you become increasingly isolated, the need to safeguard your well-being is crucial. And though this sounds intimidating, it’s easier to do than you think.

In my book, I lay out the framework necessary to champion your interests and create a life you enjoy. The book has tactical advice on approaching work, knowing when to sign off for the day, doubling down on our capacity to learn, fixing those finances, and beating impostor syndrome once and for all.

Pre-Order Betting On You

When you pre-order Betting On You, you get a book packed with advice and stories of people who regained control of their lives. My goal wasn’t to write another boring career book. I’m offering a game-changing must-read on how to improve your life experience radically. If you order the audiobook, you will get bonus material with reflections on how to jumpstart your career quicker.

And if all else fails with this book, you’ll read my story of how and why I quit corporate human resources. Come for the smart take on the world of work, and stay for the trip to Tijuana. It’s worth the price of the book alone!