Receiving a tough piece of feedback can sting, but it can also be the catalyst for phenomenal career growth.

On this episode of Punk Rock HR, this revelation sets the stage for Laurie’s discussion with Mita Mallick, a luminary in diversity, equity, and inclusion, whose insights and experiences as a marketer, best-selling author, and mother are reshaping the narrative of today’s workplace. Their conversation spans from personal trials in the professional world to the myths that stifle true workplace transformation, offering listeners a chance to reflect on the biases and systemic hurdles that persist in corporate environments.

As a storyteller at heart, Mita Mallick dissects how the tales we tell in business can either hinder or advance progress. The episode peels back the layers of diversity and inclusion challenges, addressing head-on the backlash against DEI efforts and the contention between business objectives and social justice. With an eye on the myths that cloud our judgment, from talent assessment to the dynamics of salary negotiation, Laurie and Mita explore the subjective nature of performance evaluations and the importance of debunking misconceptions to establish a more equitable workspace.

The episode continues with future-focused contemplation, looking toward the evolving role of HR as a strategic partner in business and the tug-of-war between remote and in-office work spheres. You’ll hear how HR professionals can harness the power of storytelling and deep industry knowledge to become catalysts for true transformation.

Don’t miss Mita Mallick’s expertise on DEI with this must-listen episode of Punk Rock HR.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The role of tough feedback in career growth
  • How withholding feedback can hinder professional development
  • Mita’s insights on debunking workplace myths that prevent transformation
  • The backlash against DEI efforts and the subjectivity in performance evaluations that contribute to inequity
  • Continuous feedback, the role of affinity bias in hiring, and challenges women face in salary negotiations
  • Storytelling in business as a tool for HR professionals to drive change and align with evolving business landscapes
  • Workplace trends such as remote vs. in-office work and the caregiving crisis
  • Mita Mallick’s journey to the publication of her book “Reimagine Inclusion”
  • Individual initiative in transforming the workplace

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