Have you ever wondered why so many hiring processes fall short of finding the best talent?

On this episode of Punk Rock HR, Laurie welcomes recruiter Carmen Hudson, author of The Corporate Recruiter’s Playbook, who shares the secrets behind effective hiring strategies. She challenges the outdated reliance on question banks, highlighting understanding core skills and behaviors needed for a role before crafting interview questions. It is a must-listen for recruiters, leaders, and HR professionals eager to attract and assess top candidates with a balanced approach that integrates both professional and personal insights.

Carmen Hudson shares her career path, from executive search to launching her own startup, reflecting on recruiting challenges. With market variability and economic shifts constantly altering the playing field, Carmen offers an optimistic perspective on the future. She discusses the impact of AI on job availability and provides foundational principles and best practices from her book to help recruiters and leaders navigate these changes successfully.

Laurie and Carmen’s conversation covers effective recruiting techniques and the complexities of diversity hiring. Carmen provides practical strategies for developing clear, jargon-free job descriptions and moving beyond superficial diversity measures to promote genuine inclusivity at all organizational levels. We explore how recruiters and hiring managers can reshape their approach to create a more inclusive and effective hiring environment in 2024.

Don’t miss this discussion with one of the industry’s leading voices.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Crafting interview questions based on core skills and behaviors and challenging conventional recruitment practices
  • Carmen’s career journey from executive search to entrepreneurship
  • The impact of AI and market changes on recruiting
  • Clear communication with hiring managers
  • Moving beyond outdated interview methods
  • Focusing on essential candidate qualities
  • Going beyond superficial measures and promoting genuine inclusivity at all organizational levels
  • The importance of understanding the recruitment process
  • Integrating technology with human elements
  • Aligning recruitment strategies with organizational goals
  • Carmen’s perspective on question banks
  • The role of AI in job availability
  • The importance of candidate experience in the recruitment process
  • Misconceptions around meritocracy in diversity hiring
  • Practical strategies for fostering a more inclusive hiring environment

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