We are at a really pivotal time in our society where the decisions we make can really benefit the next generation of leaders. If we are leaning into more compassion, being more flexible, and redefining success at work, then we can make sure that the workplace is better than we found it. 

Minda Harts has dedicated her life to bringing these changes to fruition. If you have ever wondered who’s fighting for women of color to get a seat at the table, it’s Minda. Her book, Memo, has opened the doors for women and other authors to talk about what’s really happening in the world of work. 

In my recent conversation with Minda, we talked all about her various channels for getting this message across. We also discussed what Memo is all about and why she believes the lessons presented in it are so important. She said, “I think sometimes when we talk about women in the workplace, we use these one-size-fits-all approaches to things. And so I’m saying, ‘Hey, all women don’t experience the workplace the same. And let’s talk about that.’”

Minda is a self-proclaimed career revolutionary. Her goal is to leave the workplace better than she found it and she is committed to helping us do the same.

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