There is no HR blogging community without Sharlyn Lauby and Sarah White Brennan.

I’ve admired Sharlyn Lauby’s work from the moment I started reading her blog. Sharlyn is a friend to SHRM, HRCI and every organization that’s trying to make HR better. She’s also an interesting figure because she attends HR conferences and hangs in the same circle of social media friends, and yet she manages to avoid being lumped into a “dippy blogger” category. I’m jealous of her! She’s very credible! Sharlyn represents the role of a thought leader, and I admire her very much.

Sarah White Brennan used to be Sarah White, but she married a guy named Jake. (I was there, and it was a lovely ceremony.) But enough about that because Sarah is more than my friend. She’s a smart, savvy marketing professional and industry analyst who runs a firm called Accelir. Whenever I have a question about an issue or a trend in recruiting or human resources, I can ask Sarah. She won’t judge me. I love Sarah for caring about HR technology, the candidate experience, and all things “process.” If you want to talk to someone about the business of HR, talk to Sarah. She’ll probably send you brownies after the call.

While I’m on hiatus, please check out those sites!