Steve Boese and Lars Schmidt are the patron saints of taking one for the team and being nice to me. They always include me in cool things and don’t mind when I hang around.

There are a ton of chumpy HR tech bloggers, and then there is Steve Boese. First of all, Steve is a gentleman and a scholar. In an industry of scrubs, Steve’s character is beyond reproach. Many workplace technology experts write about super-technical concepts as if they’re trying to impress other nerds. Steve just tells stories. He uses pop culture, graphs and vignettes from his life to get you thinking differently about the intersection of work, HR, leadership, and tech. Come for the sports and stay for the robots.

Lars Schmidt is the founder of Amplify Talent, and he is a veteran of working with quirky HR teams¬†from NPR to Hootsuite to Space X. Lars tries to say something different about culture, tech, brand, and leadership. His fearlessness inspires me. He never quits on a person, and he’s a big believer in taking risks. I’m not a big fan of people who think improv applies to everything in life — mostly because those people have never done improv — but Lars embodies a #yesand belief to life and HR. Plus he’s funny as hell.

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