Sue Meisinger and China Gorman are former colleagues at SHRM, the world’s largest association for HR nerds. Turns out, neither of them are HR professionals.

Sue Meisinger is a lawyer and an executive leader. She was the CEO of SHRM, but now she’s retired and doing cool things like writing, speaking and traveling. A fun fact about Sue is that she approved my SHRM annual conference press pass in 2008, which set me up to meet so many esteemed people. One of those people is China Gorman.

China Gorman is a veteran of the human capital sector, having led many organizations to profitability during the past 30 years. Along the way, she did okay for herself. You can check out her website and fall in love with her. I admire the way she sees good in people, but I also admire her strong sense of principles. I wish I had her leadership skills, so I stick close and try to learn from her.

Both Sue and China have been nice to me for me for years, which is awkward because I don’t always deserve it. One day, I’ll be a champion for some loud-mouth woman who thinks she knows everything.

(Right now I’ll just continue being that woman.)

Check out their work while I’m on hiatus. You won’t be disappointed.