Do you want summer travel recommendations from a woman who always has a great summer?

That’s me.

I’ve got recommendations for you based on generational stereotypes that are bandied about in your local HR department.

All travel scenarios involve a lot of laughs, decent champagne, and a good group of travel friends. If you have those, you can go anywhere.

Generation Z/Homeland Generation

According to my friends in HR, you are screwed. You have no money, and you don’t have a passport. You don’t deserve a summer. You should have a job. Check out Indeed, CareerBuilder, or CoolWorks. It is not too late.


Remember when you used to wear hoodies in college? The recession is over, thank god, and you probably have some money. Catch up on doing the things you couldn’t afford to do when George Bush wrecked the economy. See Yellowstone, Yosemite or any of America’s other beautiful parks. Visit the coast (either) or travel north and see the beautiful countryside. Do this now before you have kids and/or America crumbles in partisan conflict.

Generation X

You are largely ignored by HR. That’s okay. Did you miss backpacking through Europe because your parents were hit hard by the Reagan budget cuts and made you work a summer job? Did George HW Bush raise your taxes? Did you lose everything in the dot-com bubble? (“Pets.com should have been a thing!”) Go to Paris, Prague and Berlin and make memories. What are you waiting for? Do it before this current market crashes!

Generation Jones

You are the generation that best represents the current cohort of HR ladies in power. You have always wanted to see Australia and New Zealand. Work hard, this summer, and go in November. You have earned this big vacation. You are long overdue.

Baby Boomers

You survived the recession and have some cash despite your asshole kids (and grandkids) who live in your basement. Asia is calling you. Anywhere in India, China or Japan would be okay. Baby boomers are on a quest for happiness, according to all the HR articles I read, and Thailand is right in line with that journey. (Ugh) Tourism is back in Sri Lanka if you are feeling restless. I would also love for you to do an eco-safari adventure in Africa.

Greatest Generation

A train tour through the Canadian Rockies? A cruise through Alaska or a trip to British Columbia? I’m not old, and that sounds pretty good to me. Do it before you die!!

Whatever you do, be safe and have fun.

Suddenly I am inspired to take a great summer vacation. You know what looks good to me? OBX. See you there!