My friend and mentor, Lars Schmidt, is the creator of the 21st Century HR Podcast. On that show, you’ll hear real-world HR leaders with a fresh take on the world of human resources.

What do I love about the show? Well, is that it’s an honest look into what it takes to bring HR out of the shadows and into the limelight where it belongs—warts and all. Topics include belonging, empathy, diversity, inclusion, policy, process, relationships, technology, and wellbeing.

What do I wonder about the show? Well, I wonder if this is repeatable. Can your local HR team bring HR into the roaring 20s?

The 2020 directive of HR isn’t to implement AI, blockchain tools, or bots to communicate with job seekers. It’s not to update your website, enhance your recruitment marketing strategy, or to implement a new employer brand.

Your job is to be the moral conscience of the company.

If you do it right, everything improves—tone, communication, relations, intent, balance.

If you do it wrong, and you’ll execute the heck out of a corporate strategy that still has you working too many hours for a company that rewards the wrong behaviors and never seems to hire the right people who achieve their fullest potential.

When you work in HR, you have one job: be the moral conscience of the company. If you do your job right, you’ll eventually work yourself out of that role and into something more interesting. You could be a coach, advisor, and thought leader for a leading company that stopped creating problems for its workforce and has moved on to solve more exciting and compelling issues in the world. And maybe Lars will have you on his show.

I hope to hear you in 2021!