laurie ruettimannI am not nostalgic. At all.

It’s a good thing because I have very few pictures of myself from my childhood. My photos are all on slides.

That’s right. Slides.

If you are my dad and it’s 1982, you have a machine that shines a light through these slides and projects the images on your basement wall. And you think it’s great, by the way. You show your kids what the 1970s looked like. And you double-down on this technological platform and convert all of your images to slides.

But if you are LFR in 2014, you have about 1,000 slides in your basement, and you roll your eyes.

(Actually, the slides are great. As an archival hack, the images are preserved much better than any of the paper photographs in my basement. But I don’t have a slide projector, and I didn’t like my childhood enough to spend money converting these slides to digital images.)

Anyway, here’s a photo of me (from 1979) that I found in my basement. Are you happy, internet? I played your damn #throwbackthursday game!

You can have Throwback Thursday. I’ll have Present Day Thursday where nobody hassles me, I have some cash in my pocket, and I am in charge of my destiny.

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