I love to talk about trends in human resources.

Some people want to focus on the debate between unified and integrated HR tech systems. Some people want to discuss the aging of the workforce and retirement of the Baby Boomers. Still others want to analyze social media.

I want to talk about the trends in human resources conference attire.

Back in the early 2000s, there was a heavy emphasis on the Coach bags and the french manicure. This trend shifted towards Michael Kors and dark acrylic nail polish in 2011. That fad bled into 2012. Last year, we saw a decidedly modern influence on nail polish — lavender, gray, light blue — with one nail painted a different color. We also saw a shift away handbags. Women carried Target-couture clutches.

This year, I predict three major trends at the Annual SHRM Conference & Exposition.

  1. A spattering of Tory Burch. Her merchandise line is diverse and can be purchased at both Saks and outlet malls, making her exclusive enough for HR directors but accessible enough for the HR assistant. Tory is this year’s Coach handbag.
  2. Nail art. You’ve seen it on your kids. Now you’ll see it on the hands and big toe of every HR lady at SHRM. Keep an eye out for the deconstructed french and the moon manicure.
  3. Neon coral. I have heard variations of this color described as hot pomegranate, neon coral, Gerber Daisy, electric melon and electric peach. It is everywhere from Toms to Victoria Secret, and it’s a universally flattering color that makes dark skin POP and white skin look tan — or tanner depending on the HR lady. This hue is everywhere with the over 35 crowd.

You may wonder what’s next for SHRM15, right? I don’t blame you. Don’t be on-trend if you can be early to a trend!

I don’t have the answers, just yet, but I do know one thing: next year will have something to do with Kate Spade.

Have fun in Orlando!