When I was a kid, I wanted to do TV weather. I would’ve been really good at it, too, except I don’t know science. Or how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. Or how to spell Fahrenheit without a spellchecker even though I ought to know better because Ray Bradbury is the man.

I never did make it onto The Weather Channel, but I once turned down doing a segment on Fox & Friends back in 2010 because I didn’t want any part of that show. I had a failed attempt at a reality TV show that introduced me to Walter Bond and the lucrative motivational speaking business. Plus I’ve done my fair share of local TV and whatnot.

So, I’ve done TV. Local cable access TV stuff, but never the weather. Dang it.

Here’s some good news. Next week, I’ll be pivoting away from my role as HR blogger and joining my friends in San Diego. I will host a Facebook Live event for Cornerstone OnDemand.

What’s a Facebook Live? Well, it’s like TV for people like me who don’t have the talent to make it on regular channels but have access to a computer. Do people watch Facebook Live? Some people do, which is why I’ve been invited to host two shows on “Learning Technology of Tomorrow” and “Motivating People.” What’s Cornerstone OnDemand? Well, it’s an awesome company that’s putting me on newfangled TV.

It’s not the weather, I know, but it’s never too late to tackle your dreams.

I’ve been working with my dear friend, Ita Olsen, to get ready for the event. She helps to calm my nerves and lower my voice. She’s a speaking coach, and, honestly, a therapist. Here’s a video of our warm-up, today, and it’s pretty fun to see how the sausage is made.

I’ll show more videos later this week.

I hope you can watch me on Tuesday and Wednesday, next week, as I get closer to my dream of doing TV weather. And I’m really super grateful that the folks at CSOD took a chance on me to host their live event. Because it’s the internet, they’re serving champagne while we’re on the air.

I don’t know, man. This might just be better than real TV. I’ll keep you posted.