Lots of friends are burned out by Twitter, Facebook and all the assorted social media sites on the web.

I get it. It’s the holidays. And even on a normal day, it’s weird. I’m on the social web for a living, and I get scared off by people who come at me like a heart attack. Especially men. Frequency gets mistaken for intimacy. Presence gets confused with availability. And it can get messy.

Remember that it’s not a device or platform that is driving you bananas. It’s human behavior. Right now, your phone and tablet devices are making you crazy. In 20 years, it might be a chip in your brain that is causing you stress.

So do whatever you need to do. Unplug. Deactivate. Take a social media holiday. Or practice saying no. Stop telling yourself that you have to respond everything. And don’t explain your social media philosophy. Explanations only serve to undermine your authority and give someone the impression that they have a say in how and where you spend your time.

Have a happy holiday season. If you are unplugging, go fucking do it and stop talking about it. Sheesh.

I’ll see you in January. No big deal.