If anybody is the “Voice of HR,” it’s Mark Stelzner.

Years ago, Jason Seiden and I worked with our buddy Mark to make magic happen with the #VoiceofHR brand. While we never made it work as a company, we had a booth and went to some conferences.

Isn’t that all that matters?

I have about 100 videos of Mark and I being dorks and looking like we’re in Talibani hostage videos.

Are we in trouble? Do we need help? No, we’re just at an HR conference.

Also, it’s hard to watch old videos. Sheesh, I’m insufferable.

Jason Seiden was smart and bounced from Voice of HR pretty early, but look at this old video where I talk to him about LinkedIn training.

Also, what?! LinkedIn training? And when was Jason so young?

Anyway, #VoiceofHR is now solely owned by Mark. Our collective careers have pivoted, but our friendships endure.

So, today, I wanted to wish Jason Seiden nothing but love and peace on his birthday. And I want to encourage you to donate to Human Rights Campaign, The True Colors Fund, or The Burning Limb Foundation in Elle Seiden’s memory.

The HR community is here for one another at conferences, and we’re here for each other in the real world. Take a second, donate, and remember that you are the voice of HR. You can make a difference when one of our colleagues is hurting.

Thanks for reading my nostalgic post about my friendships formed through blogging, and thanks for donating a few dollars to one of Elle’s favorite charities.