recruitingliveHello from moderately warm and relatively sunny North Carolina. Trump has been president for about a week, and I haven’t been arrested. I need to try harder next week, but I’m busy.

Here’s my story. I am in the middle of a UX/UI refresh at GlitchPath. I cannot believe those words came out of my mouth. I’ve listened to feedback and people like an uncluttered and user-friendly experience when they’re on the internet. Who knew?

I’m also learning that the feedback “make it work like Facebook” is pretty good feedback. You know who uses Facebook? Everybody including people who say they don’t use it. So, when in doubt, I’m all about making my shit look and feel like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

(Without getting sued, of course.)

And, while I’m on the topic of GlitchPath, I’ll be on the internet on Friday talking to Katrina Kibben of Recruiting Daily about writing, art, and failure. The show is called RecruitingLive and, from what I heard, it doesn’t suck.

You may know about Recruiting Daily from my friend, William Tincup, who refers to me as the Madonna of HR. Apparently, that’s a compliment because I’m always changing and transforming my life. So Katrina and I are going to talk about what it takes to mix things up in your career and how to find a role model when you’re at an awkward stage in your life. And we’ll probably talk about William, too, because why the hell not.

So come and watch me on Friday at 1 PM ET. It should be fun, and Roxy will probably join us. God knows I can’t stop her.