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I have a deep respect for Liz Cheney despite our stark political differences.


Cheney voiced her frustration with the Democratic Party’s focus on abortion and contraception during a Fox News appearance in 2012. “It’s completely condescending and truly offensive as a woman,” she stated.

What led her to express this? Cheney feels that women are often overlooked in discussions surrounding national security and the economy due to the debate on reproductive rights. Yet, she misses that women can’t contribute to these conversations while being perceived as “incubators” above everything else.

Fast forward a decade, Cheney celebrated the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade and lets states govern abortion, expressing, “I’ve always been strongly pro-life.” Never mind that her stance on state’s rights regarding childbirth is a precarious infringement on personal freedom — something she supposedly opposes.

Also, I disagree with most of her economic and national security positions. Cheney has continuously advocated for conservative fiscal policies, championing lower taxes, minimal government regulation, and reduced federal spending. This adherence to policies disproportionately harming middle-class individuals and historically marginalized communities concerns me.

As the child of Dick Cheney and a representative of Wyoming, a fossil fuel-rich state, Liz has defended policies favorable to the oil, gas, and coal industries. I understand her standing up for her constituency and family interests, but prioritizing personal wealth over the well-being of American families is alarming.

Cheney’s stance on gun rights also disheartens me. Though she did support bipartisan gun legislation during her time in Congress, the impact has been minimal. I recognize Wyoming’s unique position as a rural state with diverse needs. Still, with its high suicide rates, most involving firearms, I strongly believe in the necessity of sensible gun reform.

And Cheney’s take on same-sex marriage still upsets me. Her sister, Mary Cheney, is openly gay and married. Liz, however, insists on the “traditional definition” of marriage. Mary publicly confronted Liz on Facebook, poignantly stating, “Liz – this isn’t just an issue on which we disagree – you’re just wrong – and on the wrong side of history.” And while they aren’t the first sisters to fight on Facebook, this rift broke my heart.


So, it’s clear that Liz Chaney and I are ideologically disparate. She supported Donald J. Trump’s policies 93% of the time and voted for him in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, a decision she now regrets. And I worked hard with the DNC to raise money and defeat Trump in 2020.

Yet, I admire Cheney’s unyielding pursuit of truth regarding Donald J. Trump. Despite our differing viewpoints, I respect her dedication to her principles and commitment to truth. And while I strongly disagree with many of Liz Cheney’s choices, it reinforces my responsibility to advocate for my beliefs in shaping America’s future.

It’s critical to remember that those with differing views aren’t evil criminals or narcissists. They’re our neighbors, friends, and co-workers — earnest individuals with varied upbringings who can, I believe, be convinced to reconsider their views. The alternative to constant advocacy for change is to allow the nation to regress to an era defined by dated, harmful norms. If you have a moral compass, is that even an option?

While I wouldn’t vote for Liz Chaney, she is a powerful reminder not to stereotype or vilify those on the opposite end of the political spectrum. However, with Trump, that’s a different matter altogether. Rather than engaging in name-calling, my energy will be dedicated to supporting the Biden campaign once again, promoting his policies, and supporting candidates who will represent the best interests of all American citizens — including those people who hate President Biden.

What choice do I have? It’s my small role in keeping America great. And I won’t back down from this challenge.