My friend Gregory Ng believes that your personal brand comes down to three words.

Does that feel right to you?

I speak on the subject of personal branding all of the time. You are more than a bottle of dishwashing detergent. You have unlimited potential. You have a soul. But I think many of us would be lucky to have three powerful words to describe ourselves.

Mine are work, life and cats.

My three words give me permission to do many things. I am a human resources consultant, a marketing advisor and a writer. Sometimes I work on social media marketing projects. And there are times when I’m an executive coach and a human resources advisor.

But at my core, it goes back to work/life/cats.

It might be easy for you to pull up three words to describe yourself. Some of you might struggle, which is why you should know that most of my friends in the world of recruiting have ADHD. They make snap judgments about your qualifications within 11 seconds.

If you were asked by a recruiter to describe yourself, could you pick three powerful words? 

I want to know more about you. What are the three most powerful words you could use to describe yourself? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know your words!

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