word of the year
2017 Word of the Year
I believe that everybody has a “word of the year” whether you know it or not. Sometimes you pick that Read more.
April Ryan & Donald Trump #blackblogsmatter
I’m a huge nerd, and I’ve been watching Hardball with Chris Matthews since 1999. It’s not always a smoothly produced Read more.
Drop the Jargon
I used to think there were a lot of buzzwords and jargon in HR, especially when it came to the Read more.
mushroom coffee
I Quit Social Media in February
I quit social media in the month of February. The thing about being in HR is that I have “industrial Read more.
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Dream Your HR Dreams, Teach Your HR Dreams
I started my job as a writer and speaker in 2007. I began traveling around the country and telling people Read more.
daily calendar
Your Daily Calendar & Routines Aren’t All That Great
Psychologists say that people with high anxiety levels benefit from a daily calendar and morning routines. So, for years, I’ve Read more.
Wellness Post: How to Win at Orangetheory
Some of my friends are new to Orangetheory. I’ve been a few dozen times, and as far as franchise fitness Read more.
Tell Everybody Your Age
I read an essay by a woman named Nisha Chittal called, “Why I Never Tell Anyone My Age.“ It’s not Read more.
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Recession-Proof Your Career
I would love to tell you that you can recession-proof your career, but in the coming age of automation, it Read more.