“Always tell your friends you love them.”

This advice was given to me by my grandmother, and it’s pretty smart. What if people die? What if you die? If you care about someone, you always want them to know where they stand in your life.

I’ve shared this advice for ages but haven’t practiced it, lately. First of all, I don’t see my friends very often. That’s what happens when you are a sole proprietor and have remote colleagues over the world. But mostly I’ve been selfish and inwardly focused on my first-world problems. Who’s got time to love other people and express gratitude when you’re gazing at your navel?

When I saw my friends in New Orleans, this weekend, I felt renewed. (Well, no, I felt drunk.) But, also, reinvigorated. I have gifted and passionate friends. Men and women who make a difference and happen to like spending a little time with me. I’m grateful for it. I’m lucky to have it, especially because I’m not always deserving of it.

I love these people. Yes, even the ones in HR. So I spent the weekend saying hellos and goodbyes and telling people how much they mean to me. Not because I’m super freaked out that people might die. That’s a bit morbid. I said “I love you” to my friends because I meant it.

We extra. • • • • • #shrm17 #GNO #hrladies

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My grandmother was right. If you have the capacity to do it, always tell your friends you love them. You won’t regret it, and it might mean the world to someone who needs to hear those kind words.

Bonus advice: always share music with friends. I curated what was on my Spotify while in NOLA if anybody cares to listen and share some new stuff with me.

5 Responses to Always Tell Your Friends You Love Them
  1. Martin Snyder

    I would be nice if we had a word or convention to express great joy about a relationship that did not overlap the intimacy of “I love you” with a respected, but only professionally or socially related person. Whatever that might be, that’s what I would say to you Laurie.

    • Laurie Ruettimann

      Yeah, I can see how it’s creepy to hear “I love you” from a colleague who isn’t also a close friend. So backatcha.

  2. Tracy Whitmore

    I have a half-marathon this weekend, I am counting on your music! Love you 🙂
    and thank you!

  3. Gerry Crispin

    Love you. Life is too short . Surround yourself with those you feel a kinship to make a difference, support one another, raise all boats, etc.