Three years ago, a colleague of mine told me that my internet headshots made me look amateurish and angry. He said — It’s nice that your husband is a photographer, but you literally need to step up your game and invest a few bucks in a professional photo.

I’m like, what are you talking about? I look fun and young.

Truth is, I needed a professional protrait. My friend Ginny had her photo taken by a local Raleigh portrait photographer named Kathy Howard.

As all good stories go, Kathy Howard changed my life.

I showed up at the portrait studio in Raleigh for a meeting and learned that photography is Kathy’s second career. She is following her passion and has a sense of purpose about her business. Kathy introduced me to her make-up artist, Joanne Maye, and we went over the basics of the shoot — favorable angles, how to prep, how to smile. We also picked out my outfits and talked about my style, which is yoga-pants-meets-cat-hair.

This was 2015, and here are a few of the results compressed into tiny photos:

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The photoshoot was laidback and fun. During the course of the day, I learned so much about Joanne and Kathy. They are now legitimate friends and fellow #girlboss partners-in-crime. They are truly amazing.

Last year, I needed a photo refresher. I just wanted a headshot but Kathy was adamant about taking a bunch of fun photos. How could I say no? I was so comfortable with Kathy and Joanne that I basically told them both — I’ll wear whatever you put on my body, and you can do whatever you want with my hair and make-up.

Here are some of the results, also compressed:

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Go to Kathy’s site and you’ll see me in full-resolution on her contact form. Not bad for a middle-aged lady!

Not everybody needs a photoshoot, but I can 100% guarantee that you need a new headshot. Save some cash and invest in a new portrait that captures your internal spirit and external beauty. Why do you need a new portrait? For starters, you could use an upgrade on your LinkedIn profile. Also, it’s fun to look good and feel good.

So, have a look at Kathy’s website and get inspired. Google your local portrait photographers and see if they offer social media packages. Or come hang out in Raleigh with me and Kathy. But you can’t use Joanne for make-up, though. She’s changed her life to become a financial advisor!

I love having women in my network who are smart, fun and committed to lifelong learning and self-improvement. Such a good outcome from simply having my portrait taken!

3 Responses to 2018 Goals: You Need a New Headshot and Portrait
  1. Ita M. Olsen (@ConveyClearly)

    Yes yes! You’re talking to me! Thank you for being so subtle and kind to me!

  2. Yvette

    Lovely! Too bad i live in South Florida

  3. Maureen

    You’re right – people don’t think about money spent in this way as investment in their careers. Local photographers should team w/ local resume writers and personal shoppers and makeup/hair. #ResumeOver