Summary of the video: Two dudes at an airport overshare their sad, middle-aged stories while a “nobody blogger” and author downs three margaritas and looks them up on LinkedIn.

Please don’t ever complain about paying child support in public. So fucking tacky.

4 Responses to Lock Down Your Conversation at Airport Bars
  1. Miriam Salpeter

    Great advice! Growing up, my friend’s family had a rule: no names in restaurants. When eating in public, they didn’t mention names at all, as you never know who is listening. And, we didn’t even have the Internet back then!

  2. Sarah

    So true… so so easy to find people off of almost no information. Loving your L’il Bub pillow in the background.

  3. Johnny Nyk

    PTFCS! Up there with PTFI (Pay the F***** Intern). Pop filter works

  4. Jordan

    Yay! More videos – love hearing you in this casual context