Honoring Lisa Rosendahl on Tim Sackett Day! #timsackettday
Today is Tim Sackett Day. It’s the day when HR bloggers honor someone who works in human resources and doesn’t Read more.
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Braggy CHROs
It’s great that CHROs around the world are patting themselves on the back for embracing the cloud, understanding business, and Read more.
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Business Travel & Sleep
I can’t sleep on the road, which sucks because my job requires a significant amount of time away from my Read more.
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Middle-Aged Health and Fitness Goals
Quite a few of my middle-aged HR friends are focused on health and fitness goals in the new year. I’m Read more.
Be Your Own Container
My cat Jake is old, deaf, and fully retired. I come at him three times a day with medication, and Read more.
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I’m So Tired
I’m so tired. I’m not “work in a Chinese coal mine” tired. I’m not “spend all day collecting tickets at Read more.
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Uncoachable People
Some of the worst people in your company are the ones who aren’t coachable, can’t hear feedback, and won’t take Read more.
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When to Cancel Winter Weather Travel
The southern part of the United States just had some nasty winter weather. There was snow, sleet, and ice in Read more.
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Should I Go Into HR?
“Should I go into HR?” I think it’s a great profession for many people. Go into HR if you’re a Read more.