Here are 17 truths about working in HR.

  1. Create core values like birthdays and puppies. The rest is overrated.
  2. Communicate candidly, kindly, without pretension, and directly via text. Fine, okay, use the phone. Avoid email.
  3. Never send an email more than five sentences long.
  4. Give feedback kindly, with specificity, directly to the person who needs to hear it.
  5. Receive feedback kindly and ask specific questions without internalizing things too much.
  6. Communicate honestly at all times, even when it’s tough.
  7. Be patient with your colleagues and yourself.
  8. Always demonstrate integrity and honesty.
  9. Be intense without being severe.
  10. Follow a leader who is experienced but not too pessimistic.
  11. Always work with people who have varied and diverse skills and backgrounds.
  12. Don’t be afraid to flex your muscle and show your subject matter expertise.
  13. The quality of your relationships determines your happiness at work.
  14. If you’re going to assign blame, assign it to yourself.
  15. Money gets mishandled once. Never twice.
  16. Jargon kills people. Never be afraid to ask a clarifying question.
  17. The easy way out is never easy in the end.


  1. This is resonating with me as though I were standing under the bells at Notre Dame.

    May I suggest Truth #18:

    “Hell hath no fury like an employee whose company has discontinued the health care reimbursement program.”

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