I always end the year by writing about my accomplishmentsfailuresregrets, and resolutions. I love this time of year because the calendar naturally motivates me to reflect and act. This post is all about 2024 resolutions.

I am a resolution enthusiast and don’t require a new year to prompt changes. As I wrote in my book, “Betting On You,” I committed to transforming my life after a fucked up night at an airport.

However, I’ve come to appreciate the end of the year as an opportunity to set resolutions around multiple aspects of my life, including my career, relationships, health, and even hobbies.

Just yesterday, while at the gym and holding a plank, I found it quite difficult and, honestly, demoralizing. I caught a cold on December 10th that is just now wrapping up, and I haven’t been sleeping well. But in a moment of exhaustion, I took a page out of every motivational author’s book and reframed my feelings. I yelled, “Take a look at this textbook form! Who needs resolutions? I am flawless!”

Ridiculous and dorky. But also true.

So, my resolution for 2024 is to infuse that playful energy and unshakable confidence into every interaction because, let’s be honest, I am flawless.

Wishing you a happy new year. Remember to be gentle with your flawless self, now and always.

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