Accountability can be scary and when something is scary we tend to make excuses about why it won’t work in our lives. Keita Williams, Founder and Chief Strategist of Success Bully, joined me on my podcast recently to share some accountability truth bombs.

It’s time to do some excuse busting!

Excuse #1 – Accountability is daunting and the rewards are fruitless. Sure, the word accountability can seem daunting or off-putting. What if you changed your thinking? “Accountability is like one of those rocket boosters that will help you get where you want to go. Accountability is powerful. It is a tool for greatness.” 

Excuse #2 – I can’t do daily check-ins. I don’t have the time. According to Keita, weekly check-ins are more than enough. She has found weekly check-ins have the best results. 

Excuse #3 – My tracking system doesn’t work for me. Why bother? Keita has this to say,  “A tracking system is only as good as the tracker. For example, it’s not effective if you buy a simple notebook, use a Google document, or bullet journal but fail to look at it twice a day.  You actually have to build the habit around tracking.”

We all have big dreams. Sometimes we fall short but we can do better. Gaining some clarity around accountability is half the battle. It’s time to put the excuses away and turn things around in 2020.

If you’re interested in a conversation about the concept of accountability and goal setting, check out my conversation with Keita Williams (aka professional butt-kicker). Head over here to listen