active waiting

active waitingRight now, I’m in a transition mode.

I am moving from D-list HR blogger and speaker to the founder of a software company. And, if I’m honest with you, it’s uncomfortable.

Everything is 100% harder than necessary. Unlike what you read on Breitbart, doors do not open because of affirmative action. Nobody is handing me a wad of cash and patting me on the back for being a woman who is interested in STEM. In fact, Machiavellian dudes who rule over “start-up culture” have created a model where you must struggle to be credible.

Fuck that! Such a failed model! That’s another subject for another day with more exclamation marks!!

Today, I’m done with just about everything. Work. Life. Budgets. Politics. Adulthood. Ongoing DDos Attacks. I quit. I’m going to take the baseball bat I keep in the trunk of my car and destroy some headlights if one more person sasses me or gives me a lecture about “managing change.”

I had to check my swing when I learned about active waiting, earlier this week. Have you heard of it?

Some hippie told me that you could do everything properly — networking with smart people, learn about your industry, create great code — and shit seldom happens according to your timetable. If there’s downtime, and there’s always downtime during a transition, it’s okay to use that time to prepare yourself for success.

That’s called active waiting.

“Go take a class. Get your life organized. Clean out your basement. You won’t have time for all of that nonsense when GlitchPath is successful.”

And, oh my fucking god, I almost lost it. Except that hippie was right. If I’m headed down a productive path, I won’t have time to clean out my basement when my company lands its first significant customer. I barely have time, right now, because I like to watch TV and complain about my cushy and relatively comfortable life.

So, okay, let’s recap.

It’s okay to complain and quit things a million times without actually quitting — or so I’m telling myself — but active waiting is a healthier way to manage through ambiguity and chaos. If you’re up for it, divert your attention and tackle a few personal-but-also-strategic projects in your downtime.

In other words, join me in my filthy basement. We can bitch and moan while we get ourselves ready for the next chapter of our lives. Plus the litter boxes need to be disinfected!


  1. Needed to read this today, great post. Time to finally tackle cleaning out my closets while I wait I guess!

  2. Laurie, as always honest and raw. Love it and admire you for your tenacity because that’s (and active waiting) are all we have until things fall into place.

    Going to the gym helps too!

    Best of luck as you build this next chapter.

  3. hmmm interesting take. Active Waiting – wish most start ups can actively wait for the right gig. Now, Active Waiting doesn’t mean you develop a website, publish it and hope they will come. You still have to actively market it, polish it, shine it every single day while you wait for your first moment. – HR Made Easy

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