Emma is my best cat.

Hands down, she is the #1 champ. She has the other cats beat in terms of personality and cuteness. Nobody can surpass her all-around awesomeness and poonchy tummy. Look at her smoochy face. Her little pink lips. The adorable flame up her face. I have some great cats, but when you combine Emma’s good looks with her sweet personality, she’s a winner.


And yet.

We pay more attention to Scrubby with his pees.

And Jake with his old-man-breathing-problems.

And Molly with her diva-like behavior.

My cats aren’t anything like your outstanding employees, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t giving your best employees what they deserve. You probably brag about your marvelous culture and your fringe benefits. Maybe you do pre-cations, which deserves a ranty blog post on its own.

But you don’t give your best employees what they need.

Luckily, I think your best employees are like Emma. They get a quarter of the attention they deserve, but because they are so exceptional, it’s fine. They are autonomous human beings (and a cat) who can keep themselves occupied.

The one glaring difference between Emma and your best employees? Emma doesn’t have a choice about her employer. Not that she would go anywhere, but it’s nice to have her locked into a lifetime contract.

You better hope that your best employees like you as much as my poonchy cat likes me.

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