Welcome to National African American History Month, formerly known as Black History Month, and something I’ve never written about in my lifetime.

I’m not sure why.

As a progressive woman, I believe that African American history matters. Not just the part about Martin Luther King Jr., either, but the times when the black narrative showed America its real character and, eventually, moved our country forward.

Like Hidden Figures, you ask?

Yeah, okay, like Hidden Figures. And so much more.

I’m not anywhere near qualified to write about National African American History Month except to say that it’s important to pay homage to all Americans who left an indelible mark on our country. When the record doesn’t accurately reflect the true story, these moments of reflection give us an opportunity to broaden our knowledge and live more informed lives.

Also, as an HR expert, I know that America’s labor movement and the civil rights movement left complementary imprints on the field of human resources. So I was thrilled when I learned that Sarah Morgan is leading an industry effort to highlight black HR blogs, and write about important topics, in the month of February.

Sarah’s efforts matter because Black HR blogs matter.

Some might wonder — why do we need exposure to Black HR blogs? Isn’t that racist? What happens if we start highlighting white HR blogs?

I’m here to tell you that every day is white HR blog day. I’ve been blogging since 2004, and it’s not as if there’s been a moment where my voice and ideas have been in the minority. And I’ve never made it on a “Top 10 List of Bloggers” where I’m the only white person.

Anyway, I’m excited to read more from the Black HR blogger community in the month of February. Many wonderful HR practitioners are working to make the industry better while simultaneously struggling with real-world issues, and I’m ready for more of those stories in my life.

I hope you are, too.

3 Responses to Black HR Blogs Matter
  1. Sarah Morgan

    Thank you, Laurie! I appreciate your support

  2. Melanie

    I am ready to read more from this community. Thank you for highlighting this often ignored segment!

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