Mojito-Beverage-with-LimeBlogging4Jobs is the little engine that could.

When Jessica Miller-Merrell showed up on the scene, people didn’t know what to make of a regular HR blog that covered everything from social media to technology while showcasing Jessica’s prominent personality. You know what? The blog is still here, Jessica is still writing, and the website continues to grow.

I read Jessica’s work for her honesty and authenticity. I recommend her site to HR newbies and executives who want to expand their horizons and learn a little more about digital, technology and even compliance-related trends.

But I love Jessica’s writing because her character shines through. There’s plenty of stodgy, uptight content on the market. Jessica tries to be entertaining while staying true to her passion: making HR better.

While I’m on hiatus, check out her blog. She’s a superstar and an entrepreneur, and she’s making a living doing what she loves. You could learn a thing or two about that, too.

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