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I hate it when business travelers are all like, “The road sucks, man. You go to boring meetings in cities that have no soul. You never get to see anything, and if you’re lucky, you get a bite to eat before boarding a flight home. Business travel used to be exclusive and now it’s for everybody.”

Yeah, some of that’s true. But I just can’t listen to people—especially those who have elite experiences and access to new opportunities—whine about living a big life. Just the other day, I turned around in Orlando and asked someone, “Are you complaining?”

I am a little woman. Although I like a little danger in my life, I’m not one for shaming complete strangers. Sometimes you gotta ask the obvious questions, though.

* Is this elite line not elite enough for you?
* Is your priority access not prioritized to your liking?
* Are you getting something for free and still complaining about it?

Sometimes you also have to be sneaky and ask, “What’s your name? Where do you work?”

(Funny how the world is so small and some boring HR lady in running clothes knows your boss!)

I am a genetic pessimist, and I like to complain when the clocks are off and the trains don’t run on time. But even I know when to shut my mouth and not complain about business adventures and new opportunities to see the world.

Wish more business professionals would express better leadership skills on the road, at events, and in public places where they represent their brands.


  1. I traveled a lot for one of my previous jobs – it came with the position – and I would always bite my tongue hearing others complain. I felt like saying, “If you hate it so much, quit. I don’t see anyone holding a gun to your head.”

    Shi% or get off the pot, as my grandma would say.

  2. Not all people enjoy traveling, but this is definitely not something to complain about non-stop. Just like meetings, they need to be kept at a professional level. Great leaders need to be able to interact with others no matter the context.

  3. C’mon – are bars the last place disaffected corporate warriors can piss and moan publicly now?

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