Hey, guys. I’m getting ready for my Facebook Live experience in San Diego, next week. So it’s important to calm down and communicate from a place of strength and power instead of going on stage and being a nervous idiot. My friend, Ita Olsen, is my coach. And she let me record our relaxation exercises. Have a peak.

Is it ridiculous? Yes, it looks funny and maybe even cringeworthy. But we normally do these exercises on Skype without an audience, and it works. We create tension in the body, we release tightness with the breath, and these “workouts” help approximate what it feels like to be nervous on stage and screen.

I’m a very flawed and inexperienced communicator. Public speaking never came naturally to me. But now I can exhale and remember that breathing calms my central nervous system and focuses my mind. It’s science. It works. And it pairs nicely with my MBSR training, which has also changed my life.

You might not need someone like Ita Olsen, but you probably need to work on something in your lives. Every job requires you to learn and grow, even the fun jobs. Whenever I’m lost and confused about my career, I find that my coaches and mentors always have wise words to offer that get me back on track.

Ita Olsen is definitely one of my favorite coaches, and I’m lucky enough to call her a friend. And because of her work, I’ll be super chill and relaxed at CSOD Convergence in San Diego. Hope you can take a few minutes next week and have a look.