You guys, I just finished a month of writing about the candidate experience for CareerBuilder’s Talent Advisor Portal.

What is this all about? What is the candidate experience?

The candidate experience is about fairness and communication. It’s about people in power — leaders, hiring managers, human resources professionals — giving a damn about job seekers and applicants.

Why does it matter?

Tim Sackett says it doesn’t. What the hell does he know? The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members. That’s a famous quote attributed to about 15 different people, and you don’t get much weaker than a job seeker in 2014.

What’s so special about job seekers?

Job seekers are your future talent pipeline. I’m not asking corporations to throw a party every time someone applies for a job. There are pitfalls to avoid. I’m asking you — as a talent advisor — to acknowledge when resumes hit your system. Optimize your ATS and CRM systems. Maybe act like a human being and keep job seekers in the loop when you’ve considered for a position with the company.

Crazy, I know.

Can any of this be measured?

Good grief, yes. I’m all about evidenced-based decisions. Gerry Crispin thinks it can be measured. He’s not dumb. Jennifer McClure will walk you through the ROI of the candidate experience.

What else?

What do you mean what else?! That’s it. This is not hard, people. Get on board with the candidate experience or be a jerk and lose great people in the hiring process.

Start here by downloading this e-book on the candidate experience. Or don’t. Nobody can make you treat people well if you have a cold, cold heart.


  1. “The measure of civilization is how it treats its weakest members” was originally quoted by a weak person who was pissed off they didn’t get offered a job by a stronger person who didn’t care about candidate experience.


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