A few years ago, Billy Beane hit the HR speaking circuit.

For dudes who like baseball, this was a big deal; however, I can’t get excited about anything related to the Oakland Athletics.

So it surprised me when I enjoyed hearing Billy Beane’s talk at TLNT Transform back in 2012. I don’t like math, but Beane talked about a statistic that matters to me: on-base percentage (OBP).

My husband is amazed by how I can speak with certainty on a whole host of topics knowing that I might be wrong. For example, I once told Ken that — with 100% certainty — Bruce Hornsby is blind.

When my husband questioned my credibility, I doubled down.

“He is 100% blind, Ken. I will bet you $500. I will bet you a kidney.”

Well, I was wrong. Dude isn’t blind.

(I wasn’t sorry for being confident, though. It’s just words, baby. I can walk it back.)

Despite the infamous Bruce Hornsby incident, it is a fact that I am someone who reaches base a lot. (Did I say that right? I reach base but not like this.) I am successful because I’m not scared of being hit by a pitch. I take a lot of swings, but that effort pays off. Both my batting average and my OBP are high.

Ken recently told me that I should look at my slugging percentage as a true measure of my value and worth.

I’m like, “What’s a slugging percentage?”

I looked it up and, yeah, I’m officially back to being bored with sports and math.

But if you like sports and you work in HR, you should check out an e-book that covers all things sports and HR. The authors are Steve Boese, Kris Dunn, Lance Haun, Tim Sackett, and Matthew Stollak.

Hope you enjoy it!

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