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Choose your outfit, choose your life.

I want to be healthy and active, but there are a lot of obstacles and excuses in my way. DNA, junk food, my travel schedule. You name it, I have a reason why I can’t exercise.

So my super-secret trick is to put on my workout clothes on in the morning and wear them until I exercise. I might be in those running pants until 7 o’clock at night, but it helps to remind me that I need to run. Then I shower and put on pajamas.

My other trick is that I now travel in my workout clothes so that I have no excuse for not working out on the road. Yes, I’ve flown in first class wearing Lululemon and Athleta. I don’t fly on family travel passes, nor do I fly United. But I sometimes get weird looks from people who are like, “Is she in leggings? What’s this all about?”

I don’t need to explain myself to anybody. And neither do you.

So, maybe don’t show up to your super-corporate office with your meshy yoga pants and strappy bra, but keep a workout kit in your car. Stash a pair of gym shoes in your trunk. Go to bed wearing your exercise clothes so that you can squeeze in an early-morning round of cardio in your basement before the kids are awake.

Your outfit tells the world your intentions. Dress like an athlete and be an athlete. Dress like a frumpy, disengaged employee and be a frumpy and disengaged employee.

I want better for you!

Set your intention, pick your outfit, and get moving. And know that I’m right beside you in my Target sports bra and faded black running pants getting after my goals, too.

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  1. I’m laughing hard, Laurie, at the horrific thought of me showing up at work in “meshy yoga pants…”

    Thanks for the laugh…


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