Sometimes people complain that my blog has clickbait on it.

“You roped me in under X and then told me about Y.”

Smart bloggers who monetize their online presence know that they have to sell ideas, products and services through their websites. I could load my blog up with display ads or pop-up advertising. I could end every post with an obvious call to action on behalf of a vendor. Or I could simply sell sponsored posts.

I do all of that, sometimes, but that kind of behavior is mostly obnoxious.

I have created a system where I write what I want to write. If it links to a client in a legitimate way, I link it. If I want to complain about salad, I complain about salad.

For what it’s worth, life is clickbait. Once someone has your attention, they never want to let it go. This applies to brick-and-mortar stores as well as news and information websites. Why should someone try to keep you engaged and entertained for as long as possible — for free — unless they’re trying to sell you something?

Me? I very rarely try to sell anybody on anything unless it’s my ideas. I am an HR expert. I offer helpful and fun posts about work, life, and cats. I do what I want when I want. I don’t owe anyone an explanation about how I structure my blogs, and if you think this website resembles clickbait, you haven’t spent much time on the internet.

You feel cheated when I write about a webinar? Maybe this site isn’t for you!


  1. “Life is click bait.” Funny, but oh so true. Including ads on your sight – I think that is only obnoxious when they appear in the middle of the article and you can’t read the article until you click close on the ad 50 times. But other than that as long as you are selective about the product and ad appearance – you should consider earning some $$$ for sharing your viewpoint. You might even expose us to something we might want to buy.

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