About a year ago, it was a really big deal for a website to shut down its “comments” section. (See Copyblogger and PopSci.)

The logic behind the decision was simple: you are too stupid to write anything helpful or productive.

(And those editors were right, by the way. I was inspired.)

The comments section on my last two websites, Punk Rock HR and The Cynical Girl, had turned into cesspools of filth and stupidity. I had to create filters to keep out derogatory, racist and sexist words. Sometimes the filters weren’t enough.

– The personal comments about my appearance?
– The intimate comments from readers who were too attached and were struggling with personal issues in the real world?

Nobody has time for that bullshit.

That’s why I shut down my comments and haven’t looked back.

Well, okay, that’s a lie.

I think my personal writing is better when I communicate with someone. And people are clogging up the LinkedIn publishing platform because it allows them to express a point-of-view on an interactive platform. I’m not ready to concede your traffic to a soulless bureaucracy that repurposes your data. That’s my job!

So I’m turning the comments back on.

And I missed you. Sorta.

That being said: if you think you can come to my website and act like a bully or a pervert, you have another thing coming. If you threaten or demean anyone on this website, or if you pester me in any way that is shadowy or unreserved, I reserve the right to show up at your house — with or without a baseball bat in my hand and/or a law enforcement official — and have a conversation with your spouse and children.

I have some history with this path. Don’t fucking tempt me.




  1. Wow…the comment section must have gotten BAD. I had no idea…thanks for bringing it back though! I learn a lot through the comments as well as the articles.

  2. Ah, that’s better. I used the little heart button whenever I wanted to provide at least some sort of feedback, but it left something to be desired as a true medium of communication. However, I don’t plan to comment much unless I have something productive or profound to add. Don’t expect a lot. LOL

  3. It’s like you read my mind! I so wanted to thank you for mentioning The Hard Way On Purpose yesterday and the shout out to Akron, but there was no way to say it! So, Thank You:)

  4. I have this love/hate relationship with comments. I think it can be a really cool way to interact with a group of like-minded people and get more out of an article or post than an initial read might provide.

    But I hate the trollish behavior, or the proverbial haters, or the Negative Nellies that criticize anything and everything. I mean, see the Corporette comments sometimes, or pretty much any article on a traditional news outlet’s website, or your local news forums.

    I’m glad you’ve brought them back, LFR. Maybe we should burn some sage next to the server and keep a little voo-doo doll for the crazy.

  5. Who are the two best HR bloggers? (This is a question meant for one of your previous posts, but there wasn’t a comment section)

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