I hope you can join me for a live webcast on June 12th at 1PM ET. It’s called, “HR Revealed: Hidden ways you may be failing your people.

Vadim Liberman is the senior editor of The Conference Board Review, my boss, and moderator of the webcast. Yes, there is a moderator for an HRCI-certified internet chat show with two people. Maybe he expects things to get rowdy. I don’t know. I want to show up and talk about Lady Gaga and Ménière’s disease, but we’ll most likely stick to the script and cover leadership and talent management issues.

And here is a glimpse into my real world: Vadim and I are friends but rarely see one another in real life, which is why I’m excited to do this webcast live from NYC. I will be the Kelly Ripa to his Michael Strahan. Or the Robin Roberts to his George George Stephanopoulos. (Do you guys watch morning TV? Which one is better?)

Either way, I am excited to be on camera with my dear friend, editor, and senior partner at LiberLaw Personal Injury & Associates. (Just kidding.)

But you should also know that Vadim is a demanding boss. I need to start my Diet Water Zero Lite® and Tic Tac diet tomorrow!


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