different alcohol drinks set  - beer, wine, cocktail,juice, champagne, scotch, sodaI’ve recently returned to blogging, and people have been asking questions about it, such as: Why? What’s the purpose? Is this 2011?

In a nutshell, I’m preparing to write a book called “Corporate Drinker: How to Survive and Thrive in the Boozy World of Work and Alcohol,” and blogging is my way of retraining my brain and reconnecting with my writing voice. After three long years of sitting on my phone and scrolling through Instagram reels, blogging feels like a safe space to use my words and practice my storytelling.

Blogging is also a great way to avoid doing the work of writing a book!

The Resurgence of Blogging

I’m not the only one returning to blogging. Long-form content is experiencing a revival as many writers, after years of compressing their thoughts to fit within Twitter’s 280-character limit, are now rediscovering the value of letting their ideas breathe. With the decline of Twitter, people are turning to platforms like Substack, Medium, and WordPress to create meaningful content. Chances are your favorite author or journalist has a Substack account and a newsletter. What is the difference between what they are doing and what I’m doing? I’m not gatekeeping premium content for a price. You get it all. 

And maybe that’s why it’s going better for them!

Blogging’s Evolution and Its Impact on My Writing

As a young writer, blogging was a quick way to develop my skills. Although my old Blogspot site lacked Grammarly and SEO plugins, writing was more carefree back then. Today, writing platforms like Google Docs offer instant grammar, spelling, and sentence structure suggestions. While these tools can be helpful, they can also slow down my flow. I’m learning when to accept or decline suggestions to preserve my unique voice. Most of the tips help me communicate clearly. However, I don’t always like beginning transitions sentences with the word however. Thanks a lot, Grammarly.

How Blogging Supports My Book-Writing Journey

While I can’t predict if blogging will improve my book-writing, it’s a fantastic way to clear my mind, practice my craft, and remind the world of my capabilities. 

I’m Laurie Fucking Ruettimann. It’s time to remember that.

Blogging is also a practical pre-marketing tool. It drives traffic to my website, revitalizes older content, and encourages community-building through sharing, responding to comments, and engaging with readers.

Should You Start a Blog?

Starting a blog might not be for everyone, especially with its peak in popularity behind us. However, if you have valuable insights to share or lessons to teach, writing—whether through blogging or journaling—can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings about life’s challenges.

This Blog Is Happening

Returning to blogging allows me to hone my writing skills, reconnect with my voice, and prepare for my book, “Corporate Drinker.” In addition, it offers numerous benefits, from increased website traffic to community-building, making it a valuable tool in my journey as an author.

But in 2023, I feel compelled to end my blog posts differently. So, here we go: If you’ve enjoyed this post, check out more of my content and subscribe to my feed to stay updated on the latest Corporate Drinker news. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee.