There is a lot of misinformation out there on PPE and COVID-19 testing. When the virus first hit our country, labs were overwhelmed by the lack of materials, equipment, and knowledge to fight it. Now, testing and strategies have improved, but the general public is still largely uninformed.

Robert Williams and Brian Baucom from 4 Oaks Ventures have the facts. They are the co-founders of a company called 4 Oaks Ventures. The team at 4 Oaks provides quality PPE and COVID-19 testing to employees and industries all over America.

In our recent conversation, we talked about the real issues behind the challenges of finding a PPE that’s not counterfeit or just disgusting and finding COVID-19 testing and strategies that really work. I asked them what COVID-19 testing really looks like and what it means for returning to work.

Robert explained that there is antibody testing which is less reliable and accurate. He also said, “The other type of testing to identify whether or not to have it… is molecular tests {where} you’re looking for the RNA of the disease… {my father and I} had talked early about how to help expand testing for people. And as his lab has expanded their capacity to maintain a 24 to 48 hour result turnaround time, we’ve been helping to find institutions that require high volumes testing… to help assure them that their population doesn’t have it, or if they do, you can do quick contact tracing, and narrow down the number of individuals that could be exposed.”

If you work in human resources, logistics, or marketing and you need to go back to work in an office at some point, this conversation will be very insightful for you. 

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